This roadmap will give you an idea of where we want to take Retro Wolves in the foreseeable future. We have a pre-existing, yet ever evolving, set of ideas that we are following. By following these, and with your support of course, we can probably achieve what we strive for, or something even better!


A collection is as good as its community. We understand the importance of a strong community, that is why our first goal to form a strong and healthy community. We wish to achieve this lofty goal through proper social media handling and spreading word about our collection.


We support people who are passionate and dedicated to this project. Our moderators will select and whitelist the most dedicated members of the community, alpha groups, and influencers.


The whitelisted people will enjoy a big advantage. The selected people will get the golden opportunity to mint 1 Retro Wolf NFT for just 1.5 Sol pre-sale. This way, we give something back to the passionate members who helped our community to grow.


The holders from the last stage will gain access to an alpha group, different perks, and a future whitelist for various other projects. The holders will also be automatically whitelisted for future generation collections of retro wolves

(It’s gonna be dope!).


We will market our collection through collaborations and social media platforms and gain credit through the support we have gotten until now. 

What is RetroWolves?

The Retro Wolves were a small faction of six wolves who were

against the domesticated as well as savage forest wolves of

the past. They believed in interspecies unity through

knowledge and self-improvement. They found cutting-

edge technology and knowledge in a cave located in

North African Forests. The cave taught them

about science, history and extraterrestrial life.

They got their unique powers by entering

different pods they found at the end of the cave.

The pods gave each of them their own unique

power or skill, with one of them being the watcher

wolf’s power to look into the future. Choosing to

use the watcher wolf’s powers to save all beings on earth, they built a time machine to become heroes through time. They set course for 2077, but due to complications with the dial, they were transported to 1980’s America. There they got fascinated by the aesthetics of the retro age and developed their styles around it. After their Time machine was fixed, they continued their course for 2077 but kept their retro attires intact.




To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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What is Retro Wolves?

Why Mint?

  • The Retro Wolves are a pack of 1,111 time-traveling savior wolves who are about to enter the Solana landscape. This is your entry pass to our ever-evolving community.

When Mint?

  • January 30th, 7:30PM UTC

Mint Price?

  • 1.5 S◎L (1 mint per wallet for pre-sale)

Which Solana wallet can I use?

  • We are primarily a community-art project. If you are waiting for any P2E, Breeding , etc. we suggest you not to mint. It is our top priority to stray clear from phony promises and words like “metaverse” to help our sales, we strive on quality and honesty. Our belief is that communication/marketing among the community is the best way to make a project organically grow. A strong community is a must for a blue-chip project.

Official Mint site?

  • The sale will be launching on MonkeLabs Launchpad.

  • Phantom, Solflare and Sollet.

Which marketplace will Retro Wolves list on?

  • MonkeLabs and more TBA.


Join the community

RetroWolves Discord already has over 40,000 members! If you want to join the pack it’s here. Join us to get the news as soon as possible and follow our latest announcements.